Science Diplomacy aims to place science, technology and innovation (STI) at the top of countries' political and social agendas and to facilitate international relations through cooperation among scientists and the transfer of knowledge. Furthermore, Science Diplomacy is a key element in achieving the intersection between science and international relations. More information link to the Report on Science, Technology and Innovation Diplomacy

The Association of Spanish Scientists in Belgium through its Committee on Science Policy and Diplomacy:

Report on the Laws of Patronage and on the Incentive of Academy-Industry Collaborations

At the request of the Royal Academy of Exact, Physical and Natural Sciences, RAICEX has prepared this report that presents the most relevant aspects of patronage abroad and the strategies to encourage Academy-Industry collaborations in countries where our associations are established - Public presentation November 27, 2019 in Madrid. 

ATRAE Report (Attracting Talent and Returning to Spain)

The ATRAE report is a decalogue of proposals to facilitate the return of Spanish researchers from abroad. The report was presented to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in February 2019 to provide the vision of return in the scientific field (Link). The report arises as a complementary action to the Plan for the Return to Spain (approved in March 2019) by Spanish scientists abroad.