One cornerstone of CEBE’s mission is science communication, through which we aim to improve the impact of science in day to day society, mainly focusing on two aspects: on the one hand, provide high quality, clear and interesting scientific knowledge to society. On the other hand, promote the research that Spanish scientists are carrying out in Belgium as well as strengthen the collaboration between the Spanish and Belgian scientific communities. 

In order to do so, we organize events in different formats to meet the diverse interests and needs of our audience, always trying to maximize the interaction between the public and the scientist. Examples of different formats are: 

We are deeply committed to gender equality in science. For this reason, besides promoting equality within the association in all dimensions, we organize every year in February/March events to bring the problem to the spotlight so that solutions can be found. Examples of these events were the video forum “El enigma Agustina” or the roundtable “Towards gender equality in Science: are we on the right track?”.

Furthermore, thanks to our multiple collaborations with the media, we support and encourage the participation of our members in public engagement channels, such as the radio programs “Investigadores por el Mundo” (Libertad FM, in Spanish) or “#CientífcosExterior - Punto de Enlace” (Radio Exterior from the Spanish National Radio Station, in Spanish).


CEBE en las Ondas, the science podcast in Bruselas con Ñ from Radio Alma. Saturdays at 13h00